16: A Second First

Part two of the first webcast begins with the second half of the Jane story.

I decided to launch the live effort with the Jane story because it serves as the first story to almost anything Field of Steve related.

There is also a cool bit of music on there, too, something I decided to just get away with.

15: ‘We’ll Do It Live!’

And so begins a new chapter in Field of Steve. This is the first half of the first live webcast of Field of Steve, in which I retell an old favorite and dig into how we got here and draw a big lesson from it all.

As you’ll hear in the prerecorded intro, the live show was not bad. Jane appears, sort of, in a new way. This show will evolve into something I can’t even begin to envision right now, but I look forward to the path along the way.

14: Life in Progress, Going Outlaw

This is all about the big news for the podcast itself. Starting Feb. 23, 2014, Field of Steve will be broadcast live on outlawradionetwork.com AKA The Outlaw Radio Network. It will still later be published here.

These are the basics.

Time: 3-5 p.m. Pacific Time
Place: OutlawRadioNetwork.com

This represents a new chapter in this podcast’s history. This episode is all about that and includes my conversation with Kevin and Paul from the network.

We’ll do it live!

13: A Perfectly Broke Christmas

The first year Diana and I were married I tried to pull off the same miracle I experienced when I was a young boy and awoke to find a tree that exceeded all my expectations.

And what would Christmas be without music by The Eagles, Charles Brown, My Chemical Romance, the Vince Guaraldi Trio, Johnny Cash, Bob Wire with Chip Whitson, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? I guess it would just be a Christmas without music by them. I bet my dad experienced a few of those and came out no worse for the wear, but that’s no reason for you take any chances.

Happy Holidays, everyone. And Merry Christmas.

12: A gratitude bad attitude

If you spend even two minutes on Facebook this month you see everyone proclaiming a list of things they are grateful for. They’re doing it one day at a time, so it’s slightly less time consuming for you. This month I decided to offer my daily thanks here.  Here’s a sample from a day:

November Seventeenth. I’m grateful my parents named me Steven Edward Gardner instead of Edward Steven Gardner, because how do you go around explaining that your name is Ed?

And like every episode of this podcast, there is a story in the middle of all this thankfulness. It’s about a grudge I’ve been hanging onto for 12 years, in part because it gives me a decent payoff. Otherwise I might have forgotten about it by now, or a decade ago.

11: Two years aloft

Friends did me the favor of telling me about the worst jobs they ever had. There was a soil tester, a sausage grinder cleaner, a fudge packer (No joke.), a doughnut maker and a phone sex operator.

During my years of work I cleaned toilets, picked up construction debris, washed dishes and took phone calls from angry parents. I even failed at telemarketing.

The worst job I ever had, though, was one I had for nearly two years. Every weekend I would fly somewhere else in the country to help put on business seminars. It took me a long, long time to figure out how bad that job was for me, because the travel part I loved, and I was not eager to see the down side.

This month’s podcast is the story of those two years working for what I believe was the scam that was American Business Seminars. I’ll let you peek behind the curtain a little on those seminars and how they work and I’ll tell you why I would consider that job to be the worst employment I ever had.

10: When teeter-totters are the messenger

Did you ever find yourself in your 20s making the same stupid relationship mistakes you were making in kindergarten? And yet you were just as astonished when you got dumped, I bet.

This month’s story goes deep into what it was like to be a kindergartner in my suburban Los Angeles hometown the same same year our older brothers were going off to war in Vietnam and the man who probably would have been president got killed within a marathon’s run from our school.

Then it goes to our nation’s capitol, where once again proof is offered that some people never learn. It’s enough to make a knucklehead do a double-take. And just for good measure, this podcast has an important safety tip about garbage disposals. You don’t want to miss that.

9: Stranded, Not Lost

In 1973 on a family road trip we had what for me was a milestone moment, one in which we knew where we were and knew that we were nowhere near where we wanted to be. In the dark of a Big Sky night, sunrise seemed a lifetime away.
The second story is about a friend of mine who appeared to be on the cusp of the kind of success he had always sought, when life dealt him a curve that left him stranded. This week’s show is about those moments when we know exactly where we are, and we’d give a lot to be somewhere else. We’re not lost. We are stranded.

8: Paul McCartney Made Me Do Stuff

Paul McCartney performed in Seattle a week before the original publication of this podcast. As a concert it was phenomenal. The remaining guys from Nirvana played, making the night’s show a Seattle special.

Beyond that the night had a larger impact on me, influencing me to make sure that something I’d really like to see happen does happen. What that is gets revealed in the return episode of the Field of Steve Podcast.

This week’s show is essentially a bonus episode. The regular shows will be the first Friday of every month, and I’m aiming for 45-60 minutes each. No guarantees, though, on the bonus shows. This one has has lots of good music, and how that music became part of our family’s lifetime soundtrack, much to the disgust of my parents.

7: Life Through Conspiracy’s Lens

An entire month’s conversations came out of a single red dot found on my mailbox and the freelance assignment that prompted to find out why it was there. Could it be, as many suggested, the dot was there to signal government troops where to find someone who should be immediately shot once martial law was imposed? Or was there something more innocent?

Some people might not like either answer. This podcast was taken from four episodes, each dealing on one level or another with our penchant for employing and enjoying conspiracies, when the real story just doesn’t satisfy us enough.