Oh sure, now you come back

Things are not finished here. I’ve just been ruminating, thinking, pondering, meditating on what should a next move be. And I’ve got ideas.

I don’t know why you were coming back here, but if it was to hear some of the old podcasts, you’re not completely out of luck. Mostly, but not completely. They’re not gone, and they’re likely to be repurposed in the future.


You and I will have to wait and find out. See you, I’d say soon but I don’t know, so somewhere down the road. In the meantime, you can still enjoy what’s happening at Story Night.


Yesterday morning I put on my Garmin Vivoactive and for the first time I’d ever noticed it was 0, zero for those who need it spelled out. I decided to take a picture, at first thinking I’d post some whine about having to start all over again. Instead, it launched me into motivational speaker phase on Facebook.┬áSo throughout the day I took shots of my watch as I made progress throughout the day and posted updates.

You can check out the Garmin I’m using by clicking on the Amazon ad, but there are lower cost options out there.

Here’s how it all got started.

We don’t start each day at zero in everything, but if all we ever do about anything is think about it, zero is where we will stay. Continue reading “Zero”