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There are several ways to back the podcast:

If you want to subscribe financially on a monthly or annual basis, do that here.

Financial Subscription


If you would just like to contribute any amount you like and don’t wish to have your help broadcast all over Hell and High Water, wherever those places are, click on the “donate” button here.


Where else can you buy a coveted online “thank you” for such a low price? Lots of places, probably, but let’s not go doing an Internet search to find out. Let’s assume these are the “thanks” you want. These have set prices listed, but if you believe you have something of equal value you’d like to offer, contact me at and I will consider it. That’s just how flexible I am, a trait that comes in handy in other circumstances.

For a one-time $10 contribution you will get your name mentioned in a special thanks at the beginning and end of a podcast episode.


For $25 you’ll get the mention at the beginning and end of the podcast. And I’ll send you a signed copy of “Spill Your Guts’ Guts.”


For $100 you can sponsor an episode, getting about 30 seconds at the beginning and end of a podcast. It doesn’t have to be for something you’re selling, but that’s usually why people sponsor things.


Buy my book at Amazon. Look to the upper right and you’ll see links for that.

Here are four books on Amazon I also suggest you consider making part of your voluminous library. Kindle versions are available for all of them.

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