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17: She Always Wanted a Daughter

Once again this week’s story comes in two parts. The first part this time around begins with the story of my mother, who always wanted a daughter. When that didn’t happen she figured she would be OK with a granddaughter. She got one, right about the time she learned some huge life news.

This show was recorded kind of live. I recorded it without editing it and it was first webcast at EdgeMediaSource.com. That’s the way it will be through at least most of March and April.

During episode 18 this story takes a pretty dramatic turn.

9: Stranded, Not Lost

In 1973 on a family road trip we had what for me was a milestone moment, one in which we knew where we were and knew that we were nowhere near where we wanted to be. In the dark of a Big Sky night, sunrise seemed a lifetime away.
The second story is about a friend of mine who appeared to be on the cusp of the kind of success he had always sought, when life dealt him a curve that left him stranded. This week’s show is about those moments when we know exactly where we are, and we’d give a lot to be somewhere else. We’re not lost. We are stranded.