29: ¡¡¡Hot Talk Field of Steve!!!

This episode is not all that different from all the two-person talk shows you get on conventional radio, only there are not as many commercials. We’re just as good, though, if by “just as good” you mean “at least as tolerable.”

During this episode Caleb and I talk a lot about loyalty to teams and what can drive it away, all in light of what happened with Donald Sterling. Go easy on me. At the time it was still a fresh topic.

On the intro you’ll hear me mention that I think I’ve come to a final place for what the next iteration of podcasting will look like. I think I’ve found a way to do what I have always wanted to do, tell other peoples’ stories. Field of Steve is likely to remain, but there will be a new offering in the works. Stay tuned. On June 22 I should have more information available on the live show.

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