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35: Stepped in a hole

heartholeNo new ground broken here, at least in broad themes. It was important to me, though.

This is about losing. Losing someone, about the hole they leave behind, the hole that never completely fills. We learn to accept the hole, but it remains. And it should. That’s what reminds us how valuable our loves are.

I’ve come to accept endings, but I don’t understand them. Is it that we must experience endings so that we value every moment that we have during living? If so, that suggests there is a purpose in all this, something I find comforting, even as I profess no knowledge about something for which I was once so certain.

Maybe the point is to find meaning in the absence of a point. If so, I’m finding that.

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34: If you were born here, you might be boring.

spaghettiYou might be one of those people who thinks NPR’s “Fresh Air” program is boring. I’m not saying I agree with you, but I’m not saying I don’t.

On Monday Terry Gross interviewed the authors of a book about food during an important time in American history.

This is my take.

If you’d rather just read what I said, go ahead then. You’ll miss all that special nuance I like to add to my recipes, but hey, there is no accounting for taste.

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