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33: Swimming to a Different Conclusion — from Story Night

SN11SCThis is a rebroadcast (Repodcast if you’re going to be like that.) from Story Night. I’ll be doing this again at least once later this month.

In 2009 I jumped into a pool after my 2-year-old had fallen in. Between the time I jumped and the time I got to him, I had time to wonder if he would need CPR, if I knew CPR and time to have a quick memory of a family I knew growing up.

This story was part of our Oct. 1, 2015 Story Night. The night’s themes were those that could be found in Jonathan Evison’s book, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving. The book was the featured title in Kitsap Regional Library’s “One Book, One Community” program for 2015.

32: Disavowing the LDS gay marriage policy

gasfireAnswer me this, defenders of the LDS church’s recent move to set more stringent rules about gay people marrying and having children: If I disavow the church’s policy, am I disavowing the church?

Do you see where I’m going? Children of gay parents are being asked to do just that, and yet many claim disavowing the marriage is not disavowing the people in that marriage. For what it’s worth, the LDS church is really just establishing a hard line in its stance on homosexual coupling.

In this podcast I repeat what I posted earlier on Facebook and on the Field of Steve blog. The post addresses the policy, my own faith journey and where the church stands in my life compared to my family. That and more in the podcast.