Monthly Archives: June 2014

30: Not letting it stay in Vegas

As if I, a guy turning 50 and taking his kids on a road trip, would have anything worth hiding on any vacation. So I tell you as much as I can remember. At my age the memory is slipping.

This is a road trip conversation with Caleb. I discuss Cincinnati, where the sidewalks empty around 10, if not earlier. Compare that to Vegas, where they empty at around 10 in the morning.

This is another kind of “hot talk” show. Don’t get used to that.

29: ¡¡¡Hot Talk Field of Steve!!!

This episode is not all that different from all the two-person talk shows you get on conventional radio, only there are not as many commercials. We’re just as good, though, if by “just as good” you mean “at least as tolerable.”

During this episode Caleb and I talk a lot about loyalty to teams and what can drive it away, all in light of what happened with Donald Sterling. Go easy on me. At the time it was still a fresh topic.

On the intro you’ll hear me mention that I think I’ve come to a final place for what the next iteration of podcasting will look like. I think I’ve found a way to do what I have always wanted to do, tell other peoples’ stories. Field of Steve is likely to remain, but there will be a new offering in the works. Stay tuned. On June 22 I should have more information available on the live show.

28: There is no cancer here

This episode completes the conspiracy theory storyline by telling the last tale from the month of conspiracy shows and by retelling the story out of Libby, Mont.

Again this is a rebroadcast of a couple of shows from 2011. The first story is about my friend and former boss, Jeff. I used that story to show that if I had written his story it wouldn’t have ended the way it did. The second story is weaving of stories of employees for the Grace Company in Libby and my dad’s own experience with the consequences of choosing to see something.

27: Some new muted ramblings on conspiracy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, some of you are saying you have heard it all before. But there is a, however so small, new audience to these shows that I wanted to introduce to one of the more important parts of the 2011 shows.

Plus I was on weekend duty and going to Cincinnati, so I had to come up with something on the quick for the show.

I considered not posting this as a podcast, but there was enough new content that I thought it merited it.

The exit to this show, by the way was recorded from a motel room in Long Beach, Wash. Listen and you’ll hear why.