Monthly Archives: May 2014

26: SLC to PDX by way of NOLA

In 1994 I made a decision to move from Salt Lake City to Portland. I made a plan for how to get there, and my plan contributed to my ultimate success. But so many other circumstances from places I could not have imagined at the start played as much or more of a role in me getting to that day when I loaded up my well-worn BMW and hit I-15 to I-84 to the Pacific Northwest.

That I only stayed in Portland for a year is beside the point. That year was worth a lot to me and I’m grateful I eventually made it back up here.

The point of this story is to illustrate how we should go ahead and make plans for how we will get what we want, but to not ignore the hands coming from elsewhere.

25: Who would you rather be?

In this episode, first recorded at the end of March, we ask the question who you would trade your life with if you had to trade.

I first asked this question on Facebook and the conversation we have in the second half hour is a reflection of the answers I received. Some of you might be surprised at the outcome, but in all likelihood you will have the same answer as everyone else.

Kevin, who acted as producer on this show, had an answer that launched a worthwhile conversation. His answer was truly the one that surprised me.

This is all leading up to episode 26, where I discuss how God, the Universe, life supports us in getting what we want.