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24: Again with the Jodie Foster Date

Maybe it’s my own insecurities about my place in the world that would influence me to post this episode again. Jodie Foster is worth about $100 million, according to the Internet, which is really hard to fake.

My net worth is less than half that, so I have to admit I feel a little intimidated to go out on a date with someone so well known and financially successful.

A word of warning, though, is to make sure you listen to this story to the very end, going beyond the miserable story of my roommate Stan.  Great name for a sad story, though.

23: Leadership Came Naturally for Me

To accompany a new segment on the webcast I brought out a favorite from the past, a story about my first-grade experiment with rebellion and leadership.

Or this entire episode and the next one might be an indicator of just how busy I was that week, that I ran out of time to put up new content. You believe what you want to believe.

Whatever that is, you will like this story.

22: Melted like it butter

This episode is home to a new segment on Field of Steve called “This Week in Crap.”

It’s an effort to sift through the collection of items shared on Facebook to find the ones that are completely bogus. This week I go over three items, one in depth. The big one is about a weight loss product purportedly used by Jonah Hill.

Guess what? I found no evidence that he did what they said he did. Guess what else, “melted like it butter” is a phrase used by dieters everywhere. The diet must be bad for the brain.

21: Portrait of a Societal Menace – The Remix

The week before I devoted the whole show to my friend Byron Mitchell. It was done more or less live and wasn’t the best storytelling, or storylistening experience.

So in this show we revisit the Field of Byron as if I had recorded his story the way I’m used to recording stories, the way God intended.

I’ll get better at telling live stories. At least that’s the plan. Either way, Byron is a big grunt. I mean that as a compliment.

20: Twice as old and still the menace he always was

Byron nearly got married before I did. During a period when life was going particularly well for him and I was struggling, by all appearances he should have been married before I had my chance.

The turns in his life, however, became no turn at all.

The truth is, though, whether Byron ever married or not he would be a menace. It wouldn’t matter if he were 26, 52 or 12. The guy has an energy that inspires laughter and anger, often at the same time.

This episode is the second half of the story, giving us an idea of where my favorite menace to society is today.

19: A societal menace revisited

It was 26 years ago this week that I gave my best friend Byron the best present I could have given him, the gift of attention. I wrote a column in an off-BYU-campus publication about Byron, calling it “Portrait of a Societal Menace.”

The piece was a hit with him and with those who knew him, and later I found out it was a piece with many who didn’t. Not only did it address the subject of Byron, it captured the reality for many single, older gentlemen attending BYU. And by “older” I mean men in their mid-to-late 20s.

So now it’s 26 years later, a good time to revisit my friend the menace. This episode is part one.

18: My Daughter, My Son

After the birth of Sarah, after my mother had what she had always wanted for 27 days, life went on as normally as it does for a new family. Everyone goes through loss. We were no different.

About 14 years later, though, we got to know a boy named Josh, and I’m not sure we could have been happier.

17: She Always Wanted a Daughter

Once again this week’s story comes in two parts. The first part this time around begins with the story of my mother, who always wanted a daughter. When that didn’t happen she figured she would be OK with a granddaughter. She got one, right about the time she learned some huge life news.

This show was recorded kind of live. I recorded it without editing it and it was first webcast at That’s the way it will be through at least most of March and April.

During episode 18 this story takes a pretty dramatic turn.