Monthly Archives: February 2014

16: A Second First

Part two of the first webcast begins with the second half of the Jane story.

I decided to launch the live effort with the Jane story because it serves as the first story to almost anything Field of Steve related.

There is also a cool bit of music on there, too, something I decided to just get away with.

15: ‘We’ll Do It Live!’

And so begins a new chapter in Field of Steve. This is the first half of the first live webcast of Field of Steve, in which I retell an old favorite and dig into how we got here and draw a big lesson from it all.

As you’ll hear in the prerecorded intro, the live show was not bad. Jane appears, sort of, in a new way. This show will evolve into something I can’t even begin to envision right now, but I look forward to the path along the way.

14: Life in Progress, Going Outlaw

This is all about the big news for the podcast itself. Starting Feb. 23, 2014, Field of Steve will be broadcast live on AKA The Outlaw Radio Network. It will still later be published here.

These are the basics.

Time: 3-5 p.m. Pacific Time

This represents a new chapter in this podcast’s history. This episode is all about that and includes my conversation with Kevin and Paul from the network.

We’ll do it live!