Monthly Archives: October 2013

11: Two years aloft

Friends did me the favor of telling me about the worst jobs they ever had. There was a soil tester, a sausage grinder cleaner, a fudge packer (No joke.), a doughnut maker and a phone sex operator.

During my years of work I cleaned toilets, picked up construction debris, washed dishes and took phone calls from angry parents. I even failed at telemarketing.

The worst job I ever had, though, was one I had for nearly two years. Every weekend I would fly somewhere else in the country to help put on business seminars. It took me a long, long time to figure out how bad that job was for me, because the travel part I loved, and I was not eager to see the down side.

This month’s podcast is the story of those two years working for what I believe was the scam that was American Business Seminars. I’ll let you peek behind the curtain a little on those seminars and how they work and I’ll tell you why I would consider that job to be the worst employment I ever had.