Monthly Archives: November 2012

5: When Someone Goes

All three episodes, to different degrees, deal with death and dying.

One uses a noteworthy death that showed me the depth of feeling in a city known for its brutality. The second is pretty much a eulogy for someone moderately famous who meant much to me.

The final story goes over my experience of a day just a few days before the world changed.

4: What’s so Great About a Depression?

Compilation 4 gives old timey stories, all of which either wholly take place during the Great Depression or stop by the era. The economic realities of the times play a big factor in the storyline of the first two episodes.

The final story includes reference to a beloved American sports hero, and his replacement, who played a brief, big role in my life.

3: Oh, the Glory!

One night in the South I really rocked it, probably giving the best athletic performance of my life. It’s good that it happened, because earlier moments in my athletic career were not so glorious.

In this compilation we experience championship and failure, and finally a willingness to celebrate just what is.