Monthly Archives: October 2012

2: Making Friends with Stories

Mom and dad were expecting a girl when I was born, but were ready for the reality that greeted them. Mom went into false labor a few days before, and had I come out on February 20, 1962 my name might have been John Glenn. My friend Chad started his life with a name his mother chose, but was then renamed by his siblings. They got away with it. Oh, how his life might have been different.

We also talk about a friend who was blasted in a book written by his ex wife and another friend who left his medical practice only to return as a substitute, finding out he had skills he didn’t have before.

1: Tales Out of School

This is the first podcast compiling 24 episodes broadcast in 2011 into seven longer segments.

This recording begins where the Field of Steve podcast launched, with the story of unrequited love from Jane. We stay in school exploring how lifting a finger was my first experience in leadership.

Finally I try to run for actual leadership against someone who was far more qualified than I to take on such a job. But when does someone else being more qualified ever stop any politician?